About Basant Chaudhary

One rarely comes across persons who have their feet planted firmly both in business and literature. Basant Kumar Chaudhary, chairman of diversified business group BLC Holdings Pvt Ltd, is one such rarity. But it does not take much effort to find that his heart lies in the world of letters – poetry, lyrics, articles, columns, etc. Dozens of well received books and musical albums speak for his creative passion. Add to that philanthropy and you have almost a complete picture of Basant Chaudhary.

Basant Chaudhary was born on April 31957, in Kathmandu in a family which was set to make its mark on Nepal’s business canvas. Young Basant observed his father Lunkaran Das growing the business steadily. Long-term vision, tactical action, hard work and social commitment were the traits which the boy imbibed from his father. These values continue to propel his life to the day.


Basant Chaudhary feels he was fortunate to be born and brought up in a close-knit family with supportive friends by his side. Respect and gratitude for parents and affection for siblings shaped his persona as he stepped into his teens.

His direct foray into business began as a salesman in the family-owned Arun Emporium, Nepal’s first and most-renowned malls. Basant was just 17 then.

But even as he was learning the ropes of day-to-day business, Basant found himself attracted to music, art and literature. Many friends from those times admit that his creative pursuits surprised them as youngsters from business families were expected to be different. Thankfully, there was no active resentment or opposition from the family. Commerce and art thus continued to coexist and flourish. Basant otherwise would have been an incomplete person.

Basant was married to Meena in 1979. They have a daughter named Megha who is gradually taking over the reins of business involving over a dozen enterprises engaged in healthcare, education, FMCG, manufacturing, agri-business with investments in other businesses.  

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From Basant Chaudhary
Empowering People and Nurturing Communities

Being human means caring and having empathy for others. With that in mind, Mr Chaudhary has always pursued and honoured his moral obligation towards the community and fellow Nepalis by giving back to society and people.

Promoting Art And Literature

Chasing a lifelong passion for poetry, literature and art while empowering young artists and writers.