“Chasing a lifelong passion for poetry, literature and art while empowering young artists and writers.”

Basant does not recall when he first began scribbling poems and humming lyrics. It must have begun way before he established himself as a reputed and successful poet, popular lyricist and prolific commentator on contemporary issues in and beyond Nepal. But those who kept a record say that his first poem ‘Tusharolai Piundai’ appeared in 1983 under the pseudonym ‘Simool’.

The debut in verse was followed by a spate of essays on contemporary issues. Published under his name, collections like ‘Rashtriyata Nadukhos’ in 2006 and ‘Samvad’ in 2008, heralded Basant Chaudhary’s entry as a promising thinker on the challenges confronting Nepal.

Then on, it was poetry and just poetry, his true passion. Basant Chaudhary’s first poetic compilation titled ‘Megha’ came out in 2011. It was followed by new works notable among them being ‘Mera Kavitaharu’ published in 2014 and Hindi poetry collection ‘Aansuon Ki Siyahi Se’ in 2015.Later, ‘Mera Kavitaharu’ was converted into an ebook.

The year 2017 witnessed a unique experiment. His book most aptly named ‘Basant’ appeared simultaneously in nine languages besides Nepali. Published in English, Hindi, Newari, Tamang, Maithili, Bhojpuri, Marwari and Bangla, ‘Basant’ introduced the tone and tenor of Nepali poetry to a diverse audience. The book is viewed as a milestone in Nepali literature. Almost on similar lines was the publication of his Hindi and English poems ‘Chahaton Ke Saaye Mein’ in 2018.

Shree Lunkaran Das Ganga Devi Chaudhary Academy for Art and Literature

Lending literature a new life

Though unusually tight-lipped about his plethora of philanthropic activities, Basant Chaudhary has not succeeded in keeping the good work a secret. He has extended a helping hand to many in diverse domains of life – all his life.

Being a multi-faceted poet and writer of long standing and repute, Chaudhary has been committed to honouring and nurturing literature and the arts in all their forms. Perhaps closest to his heart is the Shree Lunkaran Das-Ganga Chaudhary Academy for Art and Literature which is named after his parents. The organisation honours both eminent and promising literati and artistes with cash awards and citations in five categories every year. This has enabled many budding and deserving artistes and writers to fulfil their creative aspirations and enrich Nepal’s world of letters.  

Established in 1995, the Academy is run by Basant Chaudhary Foundation (BCF) https://bcfnepal.org/about-us. It has recognized more than a hundred literary figures selected with the utmost transparency, honesty, and fairness by the internal board. The Academy also hosts seminars, symposia, and festivals that celebrate Nepali literature and art to ensure their continuous progress in contemporary times.

Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT)

In 2000, Her Majesty the late Queen Aishwarya was in charge of the Pashupati Area Development Trust. She appointed Mr Chaudhary as a Member Secretary of the Trust. Later, he was entrusted with the executive authority of the Trust by His Majesty the former King Gyanendra. Watch Reviving Our Spirituality, a documentary about the development and conservation efforts in the Pashupati Monument Zone.

Mr Chaudhary recalls this as one of the most satisfying projects of his life. He took this as an opportunity to uplift the aesthetics and sanitation of the revered Hindu temple while also promoting religious tourism in Nepal. He wanted to promote Pashupatinath globally to draw more Hindu pilgrims to Nepal from across the world. 

During Mr Chaudhary’s tenure of five and a half years, the Trust cleared all 147 illegal houses and structures built around the temple’s premises and reacquired other encroached lands. After the demolition, the Trust, under his leadership, built new temple infrastructures and decorations, including landscaping. He also started e-Puja, an online portal to remotely perform prayers and rituals in Pashupatinath with its live telecast.

Vishwa Kavya Yatra

Many lovers of poetry often wonder how and why Basant Chaudhary started his Vishwa Kavya Yatra.

It was a fateful conversation way back on 20 April 2013 when he was releasing his book Megha in the United Kingdom. The honours were done by Nepal’s Ambassador to the UK, His Excellency Suresh Chalise, at a grand ceremony on the embassy’s premises. 

Towards the end of the literary event, a Nepali expatriate from the US, who was present on the occasion, suggested that similar events should be organised in the United States too. That got Mr Chaudhary thinking. While returning home, he drew out a plan for a series of poetry recitals for the Nepali diaspora, not only in the US but in several other countries. And thus began Basant Chaudhary’s Vishwa Kavya Yatra.

Vishwa Kavya Yatra

Gangtok, Sikkim, India 

9 June 2013

Baltimore, Maryland, USA 

18 August 2013

Dallas, Texas, USA 

24 August 2013

Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

14 March 2014

Pokhara, Nepal 

21 March 2015


8 September 2019

New York, USA

12 August 2012

Washington DC, USA

15 September 2019

London UK

23 April 2013

Dubai, UAE

31 May 2013

Tokyo, Japan

25 October 2015

Hong Kong

4 May 2014


28 March 2015

Melbourne, Australia

26 June 2016

Sydney, Australia

25 June 2016

Kathmandu, Nepal

10 February 2014

Colorado, USA

8 March 2014

Devdaha, Rupandehi, Nepal

15 September 2018

Media and Publications

A big part of Mr Basant Chaudhary's literary journey has been print media. Besides poetry and songwriting, his other literary inclination was towards informing people. Providing everyday people with access to critical perspectives on the socio-economic ongoings of the country was his ultimate goal. This led him to publication work.

Print Media

  • The Realm - Monthly News Magazine
  • Urvashi - Monthly Entertainment Magazine
  • Satta Weekly - Vernacular Weekly Newspaper
  • The Independent - English Weekly Newspaper


  • Sumpana Lyayeh – Edited By Dr Tara Nath Sharma
  • Poetry Review Of Chandani Shah
  • Ved Puran Ko Katha Haru - Edited By Late Ram Raj Paudyal
  • Collection Of Mythological Short Stories - 1983


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From Basant Chaudhary
Empowering People and Nurturing Communities

Being human means caring and having empathy for others. With that in mind, Mr Chaudhary has always pursued and honoured his moral obligation towards the community and fellow Nepalis by giving back to society and people.

Uplifting Economic Advancement

From healthcare, higher education, and infrastructure to FMCG, agribusiness, and packaging, most of Mr Chaudhary’s ventures have been designed to positively impact Nepali society in the long run.