“Touching the sky is not the only success. Real success is touching the sky with your feet firmly planted on earth.”

While literature and philanthropy came naturally to Basant Chaudhary, business was a legacy he had to continue. However, his professional responsibilities could never distract him from pursuing his true destiny in poetry and community service. But that does not mean he bears a nonchalant attitude towards his business.

Mr Chaudhary joined the family business quite early. At 17, he started working at Arun Emporium, the first modern departmental arcade in Nepal and the largest one back then. Later he went on to start many independent ventures of his own.

He always prefers to think with his heart and not mind, even in business matters. Consequently, many of his business ventures have created a meaningful impact on people and the community. From healthcare, education, and infrastructure to FMCG, agribusiness, and packaging, most of Basant Chaudhary’s ventures have been designed to positively impact Nepali society in the long run.

Norvic International Hospital

Making hearts throb at Norvic

Norvic International Hospital, established in 1993 in Thapathali, Kathmandu, figures among Nepal’s top medical care providers. With a cardiac catheterization lab, it offers some of the best invasive and non-invasive cardiac procedures. Equipped with 250 beds and cutting-edge technology in different medical domains, Norvic is Nepal’s first private hospital to have performed over 10,000 interventional cases. However, the hospital’s expertise extends beyond cardiac care with new medical disciplines being added regularly. It has received several accreditations, including the Global Green & Healthy Hospital certification and the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The redoubtable flagship of Basant Chaudhary’s diversified business group, Norvic is a significant taxpayer in the Nepali healthcare sector and is known for its CSR and charitable activities, including relief work in times of the 2015 earthquake, other natural disasters and Covid pandemic, across Nepal. More about Norvic here.


Other Sectors

From Basant Chaudhary
Empowering People and Nurturing Communities

Being human means caring and having empathy for others. With that in mind, Mr Chaudhary has always pursued and honoured his moral obligation towards the community and fellow Nepalis by giving back to society and people.

Promoting Art And Literature

Chasing a lifelong passion for poetry, literature and art while empowering young artists and writers.