Basant Chaudhary launches ‘Environmental E-paper

KATHMANDU: Basant Chaudhary, a poet, writer, and social activist, launched, an environment-focused E-paper.

The E-paper, which is hosted on the same portal, contains reports and analyses on the environment, the globe, climate change, water scarcity, food insecurity, and wildlife.

The writings have a worldwide perspective.

“I have always tried to spread the message of love, brotherhood, and harmony through my writings,” Mr Chaudhary, who also runs the diversified business firm BLC in Nepal, said. The goal of the e-paper is to promote healthy connections between humans and Mother Earth. As of man-made issues all throughout the world, the planet is in a pitiful situation.”

Mr Chaudhary, the publisher of, added that the E-paper is dedicated to raising public awareness about the deteriorating state of the planet. “Our points of view will be presented in simple, straightforward language that should be easily understood by people of all ages and groups.” It is everyone’s responsibility to work for the survival and wellness of the planet. We will only live if the earth survives,” he continued.

Launched on Earth Day, the amply illustrated E-paper will renew its content every fortnight.

However, plans are in the works to expand the frequency of this digital enterprise with more features and content.

The E-paper values reader feedback highly. As a result, it will provide appropriate editorial space for common readers’ and environmental experts’ opinions, comments, ideas, and writings. Let the earth smile once more!