Basanta Chaudhary’s first collection of children’s poems public, 56 poems in the name of granddaughter

KATHMANDU: Renowned poet and lyricist Basanta Chaudhary, who created the image of a ‘poet’, has released a collection of children’s poetry ‘Aahana’ on the birthday of his granddaughter Aahana Shakya (Chaudhary). Poet Chaudhary’s collection of children’s poetry ‘Aahana’ was released in a ceremony organized at the auditorium of Premier International School at Khumaltar, Lalitpur on Sunday.

In his literary life, poet Chaudhary has produced his first collection of children’s poems. Previously, over 20 volumes of his poems and songs were released. He is also the author of a slew of well-known Nepali songs.

Poet Chaudhary, his daughter Megha Chaudhary, granddaughter Aahana Shakya (Chaudhary), Aahana’s father Paras Shakya, and their children released ‘Aahana,’ a collection of children’s poetry

A collection of children’s poems written in a bright style with attractive decoration is accessible in both Nepali and English.

Aahana, published by ‘Kopila Kitab,’ features 56 of Chaudhary’s children’s poems. Each poem in the collection of children’s poems is complemented by lovely visuals created by artist Bhanu Bhattarai. Poet Chaudhary expressed his delight at the release of the children’s poetry anthology during the occasion. ‘It appears like spring has returned,’ he remarked. I am very happy.’

He stated that he had been watching his granddaughter since she was a child, and as she grew older, he compiled a collection of the moments he witnessed, experienced, and spent with his granddaughter, as well as the poetry he composed in her honor. He claims that his granddaughter inspired the poetry collection Aahana.

He also discussed the significance of children’s literature. ‘Children’s literature is not normally my genre. This is my first try.’ ‘When I visited different nations, I felt envy when I observed the heights reached by children’s writing there,’ he remarked. Why is children’s literature trailing in Nepal? It is not understood.’

Poet Chaudhary extended his gratitude to all the pioneers of children’s literature, stating that there are institutional works on children’s literature even though it has not achieved its pinnacle in Nepal. Speaking at the event, school director Pavitra Limbu revealed that poet Basanta Chaudhary had given her granddaughter a special present for her birthday.

‘A present from my grandfather that everyone can share!’ she remarked. Basanta Chaudhary is now the grandfather to children all over the country, not just Aahana.’ She also stated that Chaudhary has made a significant contribution to the promotion of children’s literature in Nepal. She stated that it is admirable to celebrate the orphanage’s birthday by calling the children and assisting them as much as possible.